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ParcelHero claims to offer "reliable worldwide delivery from the world's best carriers". They allow you to send parcels worldwide from only £2.79 (as of June 2021). Read on to see ParcelHero reviews.

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Rated 1 out of 5
13th December 2021

SCAM artists. Even given all the evidence the suggest they stated the parcel was over and after contacting the parcel company DHL this was prov to be rubbish. They then stole / took an additional £60.00. SCAM ARTIST that need closed down!


This is the 2nd time I have attempted to use Parcelhero

Rated 1 out of 5
7th July 2021

This is the 2nd time I have attempted to use Parcelhero, the 1st time no one arrived to collect the parcel from my home after paying extra for this service. After many messages I gave up and dropped the parcel off at a collection point.
On the 2nd occasion the exact same thing happened, this is a company I would never use again, and would not recommend to any one. Just go direct to your preferential shipping company.

Garry Cairns

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ParcelHero reviews

ParcelHero has received many negative complaints and reviews on the internet. Videos like this “ParcelHero UPS SCAM” can be found across the web, backed by similar complaints about ParcelHero’s handling of weight audits.

Many ParcelHero customers also claim that items sent through the company arrive damaged. Although this isn’t the fault of ParcelHero, what reflects on them is the way that they handle these complaints. As a result, ParcelHero has many negative reviews stating that their claim process is complicated and customer service is poor.

Please rate ParcelHero for value and service, and compare ParcelHero with their competitors.

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