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Michael Huke manager Lloyds Bank HQ Bristol, nefarious activities + Lloyds inactions

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29th March 2022

Michael Huke manager at Lloyds Bank HQ Bristol
UPDATE…… Following this incident, the video/s (Michael Huke Lloyds Banker) were uploaded onto YouTube by one of the many people they had been forwarded too. 2 months later the person videoing the incident was arrested at his place of work, because Michael Huke the person rolling on the floor, claimed uploading the videos was harassment, as it made him look stupid/imbecilic and unprofessional in front of his staff which undermines and threatens his position as a manager at Lloyds Bank HQ Bristol. The arrested person initiated legal proceedings against Avon and Somerset Police for wrongful arrest, following court application the police released ‘Disclosure’ documents relating to their investigation, within these documents was a confession from Michael Huke that ‘he had not been attacked by the old man’ as he had reported to the police immediately after, and ‘had faked the attack’ in a vengeful attempt to get all parties into trouble. He also stated he was driving past on his way to the shops ‘he didn’t have any shoes on’, which indicates he was consumed with rage because the old man had parked outside his house so he scurried out to confront/attack him, forgetting his shoes. An out of court settlement was made by the police and accepted, the estimated cost to the police following this action is estimated at £150K. Michael Hukes actions ‘wasting police time’ and ‘perverting the course of justice’ are being investigated/processed and if proven/found guilty the later would almost certainly incur a custodial sentence, the police officer who made the arrest has since left the police force, Michael Huke has once again moved away to a nearby village.

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