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Land of Beds is an online and retail chain selling beds, mattresses, bed frames, bedding and other bed accessories. Read on to find Land of Beds reviews.

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Rated 2 out of 5
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Land of Beds complaints and reviews

Thin and uncomfortable!!

Rated 2 out of 5
27th July 2021

Very thin and uncomfortable mattress. Advertised as being comfortable with tons of benefits but I have no idea how you can sleep on this… DO NOT RECOMMEND


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Positive Land of Beds reviews

Land of Beds highlights being the “bed retailer of the year”, with free delivery, bed assembly, price matching and “expert advise”. Many also praise the company for their removal and recycling services, as well as their 0% interest-free credit.

There are hundreds of Land of Beds reviews that compliment Land of Beds for customer service – often naming the individual customer service representatives that helped the customer with their query. Other reviews and testimonials mention free and easy delivery,

Negative Land of Beds reviews

Negative reviews about Land of Beds highlight either product quality issues or problems with delivery and customer service. Those with Land of Beds issues complain about expensive mattresses taking weeks or months to arrive with little support from customer service.

One customer even claimed that having paid £1200, a bed ordered from Land of Beds took 8 months to arrive.

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