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This company is robbing honest people

Rated 1 out of 5
20th January 2022

Ordered from JD sport several times over the last couple of months and spent a lot of money, had a delivery in November to see that items had not been put in my delivery, as soon as I noticed this and going through my receipt I emailed JD sports straight away to be told to print a form and send it back, I did that, did not hear anything so emailed them again to be told they had not received it so was asked to email the form, did just that to be told several times to add this add that which I did, they said it would take 28 days to investigate to now be told I won’t be getting my money back that’s more than £100 I’ve lost through no fault of my own, they are being allowed to get a way with it.
I have just had another email as I’m not letting this lie saying even the managers can not over rule this decision, what hope does anybody have with this decision so am now currently going through my bank praying I can get my money back.


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