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Rated 1 out of 5
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Rated 1 out of 5
4th April 2022

Rang & cancelled my renewal & didn’t sign a new credit agreement.One month later the money was taken out of my bank Told me I’d have to wait a week for my money to be returned & over a hour of calls from my mobile phone & offered £10 composition. A joke! I’d rather not take a £10 insult


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Positive GoSkippy reviews

GoSkippy Insurance is praised for smooth setup and affordable pricing. Many recommend GoSkippy for having an easy to use portal, good customer service experience, and having no issues.

Negative GoSkippy reviews

Some GoSkippy reviews go as far as to call the company a “scam”. Reviewers stated that the company cancels policies even if the information is correct, leading to them losing the policy amount and having to pay an extra cancellation fee. GoSkippy reviews list cancellation fees from £35 to £200.

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