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Where to start……..

Rated 1 out of 5
14th May 2022

I’ll try and keep this short.
In a nutshell. ‘Angeles’ table and 4 button back chairs ordered September 2021. Table arrived October 2021.
Chairs finally arrived in March 2022!! 1 not upholstered correctly, visibly different from the other 3 and marked. Called store. Told to wait for ‘Resolution Team’ to call. 1 week later no call. Called Customer Services. Chap said he’d escalate to ‘RT’. Still not heard 2 weeks later. Called CS again. This time got a helpful person who asked me to send pics of chair as pics that the ‘Delivery Team’ where blurry. Did that. Email back from her saying RT would contact me. Sure enough, after the magic 72 hours, lady from RT called. She was escalating to her supervisor. 3 hours later she called and said supervisor agreed chair was faulty, would be replaced, and faulty chair taken at the same time. Then I heard nothing for another 2 weeks. Emailed helpful CS lady to ask status of the replacement chair. She emailed as of a week ago the replacement chair had an 8 week lead time!!!!
In conclusion, once you’ve ordered store people can’t do a thing if any complaints, delivery times are pathetic, the after sales care is totally uncaring, inefficient and flippant., Furniture Village treat their customers with apathy once they have your money.
I will never ever buy anything else from them again and suggest you don’t either if you’re still reading !!!

Tina W

Furniture Village Simply Don’t Care!

Rated 1 out of 5
6th April 2022

Really shocked at Furniture Villages’ (FV) poor attitude. Our white leather Galaxy sofa was delivered on Dec 7 2021. Paid for 5 year Guardsman Protection. Soon ugly black marks started to appear on the white leather with no known cause.
Guardsman said not accidental so not covered. Furniture Village sent technician who said was accidental damage. FV said not a manufacturing defect so not covered by them. FV offered to send a copy of the report, but despite chasing never did.
I wrote by special delivery to Furniture Village CEO Peter Harrison (signed for by Tracy 09-03-2022). I asked for a response by Mar 18th, but have received none by April 4. Now I just want our £3,175 back and they can take the sofa away.
How FV expect to be able to wash their hands of this after taking our money I do not know. I advise anyone thinking of buying from them to think again. Problems occur and it is how they are dealt with that counts. FV simply do not appear to care.

Harry Hayden


Rated 1 out of 5
14th March 2022

I am absolutely disgusted with this company’s customer service. Wear on 1 chair, seating fabric gone hard. Told it was wear and tear, unbelievable. Visited local store said we don’t get involved, head office deals with this. His suggestion was to get to a independent technician. If they then agree with us we have to go to the furniture ombudsman

Maureen Shrubb

Go elsewhere

Rated 1 out of 5
11th March 2022

Go elsewhere, they’ll give you a delivery date but then make excuses, blame the couriers which may be sub contracted and not their own delivery people. Our stuff has been delivered to their warehouse and will have been sat there for 2 to 3 weeks before the courier will be calling to arrange delivery. So who knows how much longer after that until the stuff finally gets here. They won’t tell you that when you’re in their store buying but once they’ve got your money you’ll find that the customer service is appalling. Just come off the phone to the store and putting it politely the guy was unapologetic and quite condescending. Go elsewhere or regret


Don't go near

Rated 1 out of 5
3rd March 2022

…Surprisingly Special Shopping, NOT!!!!!
From ordering to delivery a special experience. The sales team where very helpful and sorted us out straight away. Between ordering and delivery was about 13 weeks but kept in contact throughout with calls and texts. Delivered on the date advised and was well worth the wait. The corner suite delivered today is really comfortable and the quality is really exclusive. Thank you Furniture Village….Top Notch…..
*****Oh No******
Paid £2500.00 for this and 13 months later the foam has deteriorated in the 2 recliners. Reported it to the Guardsman insurance that we where sold in the shop and they sent someone out to inspect and he agreed that the foam had deteriorated but the insurance doesn’t cover the foam.
Went back to Furniture Village they sent out someone who agreed that the foam had deteriorated but not to worry as they would sort it. Not so Furniture Village have rejected the claim saying that it was wear and tear.
Now contacting Independant Furniture Ombudsman for help.
Originally would have accepted a repair, not now I want a replacement or money back.


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