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Rated 1 out of 5
16th April 2021

I purchased a new phone on contract in store, i was offered an extra insurance on my new phone for the sum of £20 extra a month, which i initially declined as i have electronics insurance thew my bank. However i specifically asked the question to the young lady who sold me the phone, does it cover the phone if it is lost? as i have lost a few phones over the years and that would be the only reason i would go for the insurance if so. She relied, “Yes it does and i personally have got the same exact insurance on my phone and i am a nightmare for loosing mine on a night out” We shook hands and i agreed to go ahead. Unfortunately one day i did loose my phone so i went back into the store as i was in town and explained and wanted to pay my excess and order a replacement i was told that the insurance i had DOES NOT cover for loss of phone and i should of read the Ts&Cs in my leaflet which i was given after we shook hands and i was leaving the store. The manager was also unable to do anything to help what so ever.

lee clothier

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